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Twitter is fundamentally about two things- popularity and status, and both these concepts are interdependent. Popularity is achieved through an interesting and up-to-date page that informs, entertains and / or stimulates audiences. Status is achieved through the visible display of reputation, authority or success; in twitter terms, this means followers!

The more followers you have, the higher your status: the higher your status the more popular you become: and in turn, the more followers you receive- a snowball effect is achieved.

At Twitter Magic, we’re offering a service that will start the ball rolling – we can effectively push a designated number of followers to your page, doubling or even tripling your follower rate over night. Some of these followers may be relevant to your business, some will not, but the object of the service is to INCREASE STATUS.

Once this has been achieved, audiences will become more aware of your business. A company with a follower rate of 100-200 followers may struggle to attract customers because of their low status. The same company with a follower rate of 2500-5000 will automatically appear more successful; success brings reputation, and reputation brings custom.

Try it for your business. We guarantee you an increase in the selected amount of followers within 3-4 days or your Money back. Guaranteed!